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In October 1872, land owned by Horatio Nelson Wheeler was proclaimed the county seat of Nuckolls County and the owner’s middle name, Nelson, was given to the territory.  It was not until May 12, 1883, that a petition signed by 56 citizens was presented to the county board for incorporation of the territory into the “Village of Nelson”.  The Nuckolls County Courthouse built in 1890 now stands as a landmark. Nelson incorporated and declared to be a city of the second class under an act entitled “Cities of the Second Class”.  Passed and approved March 9, 1909.

Another prominent feature of Nelson are the stone faces that adorn the old Stansbury building in downtown Nelson.  Although much of the history of the stone faces has been forgotten, by some accounts they are said to be early residents of Nelson and one probably depicts then President Theodore Roosevelt.  The stone faces attest to Nelson’s rich heritage and pioneer spirit. 

We welcome you and your family to Nelson, Nebraska, population of 587.  We hope you will find Nelson a friendly place to visit or live.